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Projecting and design.
My name is Marina, I’m developing interior design since 2009. It gives me great pleasure to see how change for the better interiors of the rooms, apartments, houses, with which I worked. It's always nice to share of my experiences with the people who really need and interested in it! I really like to work with the color combinations in the rooms and decorate it. Since the interior design consists of many aspects, and the interior come out comfortable and beautiful only because of the successful combination of the solutions in the engineering and decoration, each detail deserves attention. To satisfy requests of my clients to the full extent of one's power, I'm also developing furniture, individual and exclusive, that will perfectly match customer requirements.

Engineering services.
We constantly monitor the legislative changes in the area of Workplace Safety and you can be absolutely sure about the correctness of the documents prepared by our studio! We provide all the documents, certificates and carry out all the necessary work as soon as possible. In addition, we can organize Workplace Safety courses for your employees and managers.

We're glad to see you!

Marina Bodrenkova in Loru   Francesco Loru

Marina Bodrenkova-Loru


Francesco Loru

Designer – Visualizer

For me a big pleasure to create beautiful and comfortable environment to work or relax. I don't propose solutions that can’t be realized.



I have extensive and multilateral experience of the work in the area of the Workplace Safety. Quality - the main principle of my work. I'm always doing my job in the exact time.