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In the course of our professional activities in the field of interior design, we can safely say that of all the rooms in the house, the most complex in terms of design and the most costly in terms of material investments are kitchen and bathroom. Without  design-project for these areas are always very difficult to imagine the final result ,after all the construction work. And even harder to understand, whether you like what you imagine. Insufficient attention to detail  and you can experience great frustration, realizing that all the efforts that have been made by you and the builders, were in vain: for example, tiles that looked so nice on the stand in a store, doesn't look good in your bathroom ...

And precisely in order to avoid many unexpected problems and expenses, we offer you the service: project "just for the bathroom"! This project will include a drawing with tile layout and visualization (2 images), according to the approved tile layout.

The project takes place in 2 phases:

PHASE 1: During Phase 1 we will offer various versions of the tile layout (chosen by the customer collection) in program ArchiCAD and according to the size of the client's room bathroom.

Note:  It is very important! Before you stop your choice on any collection that you've seen on the internet, be sure to look at her "alive" in the store. Because, what you saw in the catalog or on the manufacturer's site, may differ substantially (in color and texture) from what you see on the reality. It can seriously affect your final decision: to select these tiles or no.

Example 1

During preparation tile layout in the Phase 1 happen selection and definition the number of the decorative elements (from the collection), which will be used in a particular layout. All items will be listed and with this drawing you can come in tile store, for fast counting and make an order.

PHASE 2: During Phase 2 (after agreeing tile layout in phase 1), we will prepare 3D visualization, usually from 2 angles of view, to demonstrate the maximum result to the client. The advantage of this method is that you will see your future bathroom with tiles, with furniture and decor. As if all the work is already finished! You can easily determine - whether you like it or not.

Example 2

Example 2a

So, ordering the project "just for the bathroom", for a small fee, you can avoid misunderstandings and mistakes in the process of procurement of the tiles and work of builders…and ,as a consequence, the high extra expenses!