Services of design

We're create a comfortable and cozy interiors. We love to mix styles and genres, combining different materials to the interior which reflects the personality and lifestyle of the owners.

We are proud of our interiors: it's easy to live, you can be proud and pleased to invite the guests in your house and you will always want to come back home. We have carefully study the space with whom we have to work, and its features, we take into account your wishes and will offer to you several options for planning and color solutions.

Your ideal home, we will think over from the sketch to a full documentation. Layout, lighting, ceiling height, ease of communications, matching the climatic conditions - all will be taken into account before construction.

Stages of cooperation:

  1. Specification, measurements, photo images of the object;
  2. Planning solutions;
  3. Design-project (without the elaboration of working documentation drawings) ;
  4. Visualization and lighting design;
  5. Preparing of the working documents drawings;
  6. Formation of the album:

- Visualization;

- Drawings for the builders;

- Guidelines for choosing  the for materials, equipment and furniture.

Full list of drawings, which can be included in the design project *

  1. The general floor plan with dimensions;
  2. Plan of the installation and dismantling of partitions and decorative including;
  3. The new plan with doorways;
  4. Explication of premises with an indication of the materials for the finishing of the walls;
  5. Plan of the room with furniture (arrangement);
  6. Ceiling scheme and cuttings, if required;
  7. The layout of lighting fixtures and lamps;
  8. The layout and linking of the electrical devices;
  9. The layout and linking of the switches;
  10. The scheme of laying flooring with underfloor heating zone indication;
  11. Sweep of the complex constructions and walls;
  12. The layout of the tiles in the bathroom, W/C and the kitchen;
  13. The technical design of the kitchen (without specific reference to the model);
  14. 3D visualization of all rooms, except the storerooms;
  15. Specification of furniture;
  16. The list of finishing materials.

* Note:  in the course of the project, will be determined by the overall concept, style and color of the interior, but will not happen specific selection of materials and furniture. So, subsequently, doing the purchase of furniture and materials for your future interior, you can orientate on 3D visualization.

There is a service of the selection of real pieces of furniture from the existing assortiment, it can be ordered separately.

How the work going on:

Communication with the customer




Preparation of technical drawings

First step:  communication with the customer, the definition of style, color trends and overall concept for the interior.


Second step:  development the arrangement of the furniture at all the space of the house, discussion of the details and combining the best ideas in 3D MAX file to create photorealistic images.


Third step: preparation of technical drawings, which represent a practical guide for builders on the implementation of what is shown on the 3D visualizations. At the stage of preparation of technical drawings also develop sophisticated cuts of the  partitions / constructions and customized  drawings of furniture, if they presented in a particular project